You might have heard the term fast track construction and might think that it means a modular home. But it really means working together in unison. When you contract with Complete General Contracting Group, you’re getting the whole package, thus getting fast track construction.

Fast Track Construction

Typically when you’re rebuilding, remodeling, building from the ground up, or starting a restoration project, there are many pieces to the puzzle. You’ll need a project coordinator, a general contractor, carpenters, plumbers, painters, welders, whatever is going into your building or rebuild.

When you work with Complete General Contracting Group, you have all of that with us. That’s why we’re your one stop shop! We are a one stop restoration contractor. We have in house over 200 contractors with trades of all different skill sets. This means we don’t have to outsource for a carpenter. We don’t have to outsource for painters or concrete contractors. We have all if these skilled tradesmen in house!

What does that mean for your project? Simply put saving money. When you’re only dealing with one point of contact you save money. Not only that, but you’re saving time. So by saving both time and money you can save even more money because there are fewer middle men, meaning fewer delays, and your project can be completed sooner than if there were many different companies working and being scheduled to come in and complete their jobs at separate times.

Even better is that we work in the entire state of Florida including the Florida Keys. We can work on a project in Sarasota, and even in West Palm Beach, Florida. We can go all the way to Fort Myers and even Fort Lauderdale! It doesn’t matter where your project is, we can do it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your next project. Contact us to discuss it!