Midnight Cove Association, Inc.

Siesta Key, FL

Complete General Contracting Group 1910 Barber Road

Sarasota, Florida 34240

Dear Tom and Josh Senevey:

It is our distinct pleasure to relay to you Midnight Cove’s satisfaction with the facade and stair replacement work done by your company and its workers.

The professional approach that was taken in consideration of the many aspects of this extensively involved job was impressive. You and your representatives were open to all our views and readily available when Midnight Cove Owners had questions and needed answers.

The facade work needed involved two mid-rise buildings on two separate sides of Midnight Pass Road; requiring excellent logistics utilization. Work began on time and went smoothly with few diversions. The outcome of this work has given the Cove a top-rate appearance to both buildings.

Our Building #1, a cluster building, required stairway replacement. It is vital that work of this type be done as timely as possible since occupants cannot be denied access to their unit for an extended length of time. Midnight Cove was afforded peace-of-mind because this work was done efficiently, well and in a timely manner.

We appreciate the professionalism, thorough workmanship and compliance to contract that CGCG has shown Midnight Cove Association, Inc. We look forward to working with CGCG again and in the near future. We will recommend your company whenever the opportunity arises.


Christopher Jones Maintenance Superintendent



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