Screen Wall


Complete Aluminum has been fabricating and installing Custom Screenwall and all types and shapes of custom Aluminum products for over 38+ years in South Florida. Our Experienced Screenwall division can design, Engineer and fabricate any type of Screenwall that suits your Low to high-rise applications. We are the only company in the United States that is able to offer our Anodized Plus® Screenwall in a variety of colors. Our 10-year warranty on all Anodized Plus® finishes means years of lasting beauty for your commercial building. We are also fully staffed and equipped with a 25,000 sq. ft. facility that includes Screenwall fabrication, welding centers, bending and press machines with highly trained and certified welders. We have the ability to fabricate any Screenwall system that you or your engineer may require, promising to deliver a superior quality product that will last. We offer a wide range of custom colors to match your design in AAMA 2605 finishes and warranty’s for coastal applications near saltwater from 5 to 15 years. With the installation of new Screenwall, your building will be updated to all new building codes and receive the new updated look it needs. Please review photos below of some of our designs or call one of our Screenwall specialists to start your design.

Why would you want to use Complete General Contracting and “Anodized Plus®” on your next screen wall project?

  • All extrusions have an anodized finish with an approximately 32 minute bath time.
  • All “Anodized Plus®” products have a patented organic clear coat.
  • Having 2″ x 3″ and 2″ x 4″ self-mating snap extrusions with internal screw bosses avoids the need for angle clips.
  • Our “Anodized Plus®” extrusions have wall thicknesses ranging 20 to 25 percent thicker than conventional like-aluminum products.
  • Because of our exclusive extrusion profiles with internal screw bosses and heavier walls, we are in most cases able to duplicate existing post spaces and chair rail spans.
  • We are innovators of the elevated ¼” drainage system with bug guard.
  • All internal screws are 304 stainless steel ultra- coated with a special product to resist galvanic action between dissimilar metals for up to 10 years.
  • All exposed tapcons/fasteners have nylon washes or neoprene grommets separating dissimilar metals.
  • All tapcons are dipped in one-part urethane sealant to maintain waterproof integrity of decks.
  • All enclosures are caulked inside and out with one-part urethane sealant.
  • We have the only “Anodized Plus®” fluted extrusion door frame in the industry, with a .063 kick plate and stainless steel rust-free closer kits.
  • Adjustable Z bars have felt pile.
  • Our “Anodized Plus®” extrusion with its clear, organic coat system provides 100% sealed pores and protects the metal against chloride penetration and other contaminants, as opposed to conventional anodizing.
  • Five standard colors available; White, Clear, Bronze, Black and Champagne.
  • With “Anodized Plus®” products there is no variation in color between various shapes that can be observed by the naked eye, guaranteed.
  • Ten year written finish warranty.
  • Our workmanship is unmatched in the industry..
  • State certified, licensed, insured and bondable.



Anodized Plus has 5 standard colors
to chose from

Standard Shapes Available

1″ x 4″ SMS.0552″ x 4″ Angle.125
1″ x 3″ SMS.0551.795″ Bottom Channel.045
1″ x 2″ SMS.0551.795″ Snap Plate.125
1″ x 3″ OB.0451″ x 1″ Picket.044
1″ x 2″ OB.045Door Main Frame.046
2″ x 2″ Post.044Door Center Bar.046
3″ x 3″ Post.055Door Kickplate Bar.046
4″ x 4″ Post.125Adjustable Z Bar.044
2″ x 2″ Angle.125Kickplate.063
  Sheet Kickplate (4′ x 14′).063