The Admiral’s Walk Inc. Boca Raton


BOCA RATON, Florida 33431

Complete General Contracting Group 1910 Barber Rd

Sarasota, FL 34240

1 February 2011

To whom it may concern

Complete General Contracting Group ‘CGC”, formally known as Complete Aluminum, has worked on various major as well as minor projects at The Admiral’s Walk Inc. since 2006.

The Admiral’s Walk Inc. is a high rise beach front residential Condominium located in Boca Raton, Florida.

The projects undertaken and completed by CGC have been the installation of hurricane windows and doors, extensive concrete restoration as well as aluminum product fabrication such as fencing and balcony railings.

All employees of CGC including management have consistently been responsive to all the concerns of our Board of Directors.

The projects have all come in within budget and all of the bids were extremely competitive. The workmanship has been of superior quality on each and every project regardless of the size and scope of work.

In closing The Admiral’s Walk Inc. considers CGC a well-run, managed and professional contracting company. We will have them compete in our bid process for all future projects going forward, as long as their

Company philosophy and workmanship remain at the high level that exists presently.


Gerald Marzec

President, Board of Directors

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