Midnight Cove Sarasota

Sarasota, FL

October 2, 2017

Complete General Contracting Group 1910 Barber Road

Sarasota, Florida  34240

Dear Complete General Contracting Group:

It is my pleasure once again to convey the gratitude of Midnight Cove Owners for your company’s professionalism. We are extremely satisfied with the construction work that your workers have performed for us. Not only has CGCG completed our facades, a project that extended over a number of years, but concrete repairs, painting and stair replacements also.

The careful approach that was taken in consideration of the many aspects of all contracted jobs was impressive. You, as well as your representatives, were open to our views and readily available when Midnight Cove Owners had questions and needed answers.

The patience that you showed with our facade work, spanning over four years, is something rarely seen in contracting. Nevertheless, with perseverance, this project is now complete and our high-rise buildings appear years newer. Stair replacement on our cluster buildings was done with as little inconvenience to our Owners as possible. They are secure and safe for our occupants.

We appreciate the professionalism, thorough workmanship and compliance to contract that CGCG has shown Midnight Cove Association, Inc. in performing our many concerns including concrete repairs and painting.

We look forward to working with CGCG again.  We will not hesitate to recommend your company whenever the opportunity arises.

Sincerely, Christopher Jones

Maintenance Superintendent Midnight Cove Association, Inc.

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