May 4, 2022

Complete Aluminum General Contracting, Inc 1910 Barber Road

Sarasota, FL 34240 Attn: Tom Senevey, Jr.

Re: Plymouth Harbor Window Replacement Project Tom,

As we are in the final stages of completing the installation of the new windows at Plymouth Harbor, I wanted to take the time to compliment you and your team for the overall great performance on this project. While we have experienced many delays and frustrations with product delivery, your team has adjusted well and worked closely with us to minimize the disruptions in our operations and the lives of our residents.

Scotty Bennett, as our field superintendent, could not have been more cooperative and responsive to our needs and concerns. His knowledge of the installation process quickly gave us confidence that the project would be completed in an organized and quality manner, and it was. His management of the crew provided a sense of safety and comfort for our residents, especially during the difficult peak times of the pandemic.

Speaking of the crew, many of our residents will actually miss having them around campus. I have received nothing but compliments regarding the friendliness and behavior of the men working on our project. Whenever an issue did arise, they were quick to address it and with a great attitude.

Tyler Mosher, as our project manager, deserves a large amount of credit for the productive relationship between our organizations. While there were many issues beyond our control, Tyler always addressed them honestly and in a forthright manner. Keeping us informed, so that we could keep our residents informed, fostered an atmosphere of cooperation that helped us make the most of difficult situations.

As you know, we are completing this project under our original budgeted amount and, as a result, were able to add a number of items to the original scope of work. This outcome is due, in part, because your company did what you said you would do and took responsibility for items that may have been overlooked during pricing.

Every change order we processed added value to the project.

Plymouth Harbor is proud of our new windows and the value they add to the safety and comfort of our residents and the efficiency of our buildings. We are equally proud that we made the right choice to team up with Complete Aluminum General Contracting, Inc. to make it happen. I would highly recommend your company and particularly these individuals to any facility looking to undertake a large capital improvement project. Thank you for a project well done!


George McGonagill, Vice President, Facilities





Plymouth Harbor Window Replacement Project