In anticipation of hurricane predictions in Florida, restoration contractors may be implementing various building changes to enhance the resilience of structures and mitigate damage. Here are some key adjustments they might be making.

Restoration Contractors

Storm-Resistant Construction: Contractors may prioritize building or retrofitting structures with materials and designs that are more resistant to high winds, flooding, and flying debris. This could include reinforced roofing materials, impact-resistant windows and doors, and elevated foundations to mitigate flood damage.

Improved Drainage Systems: To address the risk of flooding during hurricanes, contractors may install or upgrade drainage systems to ensure proper water management around buildings. This could involve installing larger or more efficient gutters, downspouts, and stormwater retention systems.

Wind Load Mitigation: Contractors may reinforce building exteriors, such as walls and roofs, to better withstand the impact of high winds and wind-driven debris. This could involve using hurricane straps or clips to secure roof trusses, installing impact-resistant siding, and strengthening window and door frames.

Backup Power Systems: In anticipation of power outages during hurricanes, contractors may recommend or install backup power systems, such as generators or battery backup systems, to ensure essential functions remain operational until regular power is restored.

Hurricane Shutters and Protective Coverings: Installing hurricane shutters, storm panels, or impact-resistant windows and doors can help protect windows and glass doors from damage during high winds and flying debris, reducing the risk of structural compromise and water intrusion.

Stronger Building Codes Compliance: Contractors may adhere to or advocate for stricter enforcement of building codes that are designed to enhance the resilience of structures against hurricanes. This includes requirements for wind-resistant construction, flood mitigation measures, and elevation standards for coastal properties.

Education and Awareness: Restoration contractors may also prioritize educating property owners about the importance of hurricane-resistant building practices and the potential benefits of investing in preventive measures to reduce damage and recovery costs.

By implementing these building changes, restoration contractors like ours here at Complete General Contracting Group aim to help property owners in Florida mitigate the impact of hurricanes and increase the resilience of their buildings against future storms.