We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Unfortunately, that comes with the potential for some of the worst weather in the country as well. Hurricanes. This is why we have hurricane impact windows and doors. Did you know that installing hurricane impact windows can save you money? Keep reading to see how! 

Restoration Projects in South Florida

Business Insider reports that Florida home insurance rose by approximately 55% in the past three years, costing the average homeowner $3,585. There is a tax exemption available to Florida homeowners who update their home with hurricane impact windows between July, 1 2022 to June, 30, 2024. So now is the perfect time to add or upgrade your home’s storm protection.

Not only do you benefit from the state’s tax discount, but when you add that to the discounts you get from insurance companies, you get even more incentive to upgrade your home. This is because the state of Florida requires insurance companies to offer discounts to you. They win when they have to pay out less for damages, so if your home is protected from severe storms in a better way, they’re offering you a discount for doing so. It depends on where your home is located in Florida, but savings can range anywhere from 8%-15%!

Saving on heating and cooling efforts is huge, especially with the rising costs of energy bills right now. When you replace your windows with energy efficient ones you’re saving year round. And did you know that impact windows actually reflect heat and block 99% of UV rays?

Lastly, impact windows increase the value of your home. They give you peace of mind. It will attract buyers if you ever decide to sell your home or condominium. 

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