Complete General Contracting has been fabricating and installing Custom Mechanical & Welded Handrails, Glass rails and all types and shapes of custom Aluminum products for over 38+ years in South Florida. Choosing a handrail replacement in South Florida for your condominium isn’t an easy task. We are here to help.

Handrail Replacement

If it’s time for handrail replacement on your building, there is no better choice than Complete General Contracting. We are the only company in the Country who is able to offer our Anodized Plus® mechanical rail in a variety of colors, complete with a ten year warranty, and in a variety of colors. If you already need to update your handrails, then you’ve come to the right place. And you know that your residents don’t want to look at rusted and stained railings on their patios, or in common spaces throughout the building. It isn’t only a cosmetic feature, this is an important safety feature.

If the railing posts are cracked, broken, or corroding, then it is already time to replace them. Typically the bottom portion of the posts corrode first. This is especially true if the condominium is on or near the coast.

Most often there are two reasons for railings to fail. The first being the spalling, or where the railing was drilled into the concrete. The second being where the railing is embedded into the concrete. This is the most common installation method. Both can allow water to be introduced into the concrete, making it crack and creating spalling. When this begins, it can become dangerous if not corrected.

We offer custom welded railings, done by our in house welders, as well as custom glass railings in various types with both tempered glass, and impact laminated safety glass and decorative designs.

We stand behind our work, and provide 10 years of worry free enjoyment, and added protection for your building. Contact us to learn more.